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24 weeks pregnant (6 months!) update

Good evening! I have decided to make my pregnancy posts more frequent. I’d like to do a week-to-week update on everything regarding my pregnancy

So what better time to start that then right now?! 

Also, check out the vlog («« click) I recorded yesterday on YouTube about my pregnancy experience thus far! 

Week: 24

Weight gain: 11 lbs as of doctor appointment from 9/13. I’ve probably gained a bit since then. I don’t keep track at home BUT I will from now on.

Belly measurement: This is my first belly measurement! Exciting and a bit awkward! LOL but I am proud of that bump. I am 40” and 1/4 around.

Stretch marks: None! Thank goodness. I haven’t been applying the cocoa butter like I should but I am still blessed to say I am stretch mark free.

What’s going on in that belly?!: haha Lots and lots of movement! He is stronger every day and his kicks keep me smiling :)

Diet: No specific cravings, just a major sweet tooth. I think I ate an entire bag of Pumpkin shaped Reese’s cups! I also bought a tub of cherry cordial ice cream yesterday (pictured below). Ahhh…I have decided to pull the reigns in on these sugary things though. I have to focus on getting more protein in my diet so I don’t reach for the empty calorie foods. I’ve noticed a big bloat in my face this week and I’m positive the sugar is the culprit.

Physical: Belly button is still in. I do have a tendency to want to itch my lower abdomen. Low back pain has been GOD AWFUL (especially today) so I have been nursing that with my adorable cassia seed “kitty” warmer (pictured below), warm bath (pictured below) and yoga (see previous post). I already mentioned facial bloating…ehhh. Skin is still quite clear, no breakouts or any redness. My boobs itch, but not as badly as in the first trimester. I have felt the literal stretching of ligaments in my lower abdomen. A few nights ago, the stretching sensation was so awful I couldn’t sleep and for me that’s badddd. I am usually off in la la land within minutes of my head hitting the pillow.

Sleep: I sort of mentioned some sleeping issues in the physical section. I am finding it more difficult to become comfortable when I lie down. I am finding this is due to stretching in my low abdomen as well as the low back pains. However, with the help of my body pillow, laying on my side with knees bent and deep breathing, I manage to get my rest in. I do try to nap when I feel tired. I can’t do this during the work day, but on weekends I try to sleep in more and rest when I feel tired.

Mental: I’ve had a hormonal 24th week!! I was feeling mostly low this week. I get easily overwhelmed, cry at the drop of a hat and found myself focusing on negative things. I was definitely a downer this week BUT I am focusing on lots of prayer, venting to friends and my sweet mom (of course) as well as having lots of communication with my hubby so he knows what’s going on in my brain!

Week Highlight(s): Skyping with mom and my brother James on Wednesday night. James serves overseas in the Navy in Guam & he is out to sea on a sub A LOT, so any time we’re able to talk to him is a great blessing! I taught mom how to use Skype, so that was rewarding!

Thursday evening visit to see the “Lorax” with hubby and stepson at the school I work at. I had such a great time introducing them to some coworkers and my students, chowing down on popcorn and candy corn and watching my stepson enjoy himself.

Friday off! Lord knows I needed the rest. McAllister’s dinner (pictured below) along with the visit with hubby to say goodbye to our friend Lucio before he leaves the country. I love time with my hubby!

Thanks so much for reading! Comments/Questions? Let me know!

Yoga, Mind/Body Connection

As many of you know, I’m halfway through my pregnancy AND I am working a full time job on my feet all day so sometimes, no MOST times when I get home from work, I experience cricks in the neck, sore back, throbbing knees, etc…

It’s no fun.

I’m not an athletic person. I play sports for fun maybe twice a year at a family reunion or a church event but never on a full time basis. I enjoy low impact work outs like walking, swimming and YOGA!

Yoga is my favorite right now because due to pregnancy, many forms of exercise have been forbidden by my obstetrician. 

I recommend yoga in the morning AND night. I do a short 5-10 minute sequence in the morning IN BED (best part!) and a longer sequence, IN BED, before sleep.

Yoga teaches us to breathe correctly during the exercises which stimulates our nervous system to RELEASE tension/stress. I always feel immediate results. I do yoga on a daily basis because I have found it to be such a wonderful way to wind down at the end of the day or to prepare myself to start the day. Either way, I promise you will not regret participating in a yoga program.

 < Rodney Yee is my favorite Yoga instructor for several reasons. He has a relaxing voice, he explains each movement and he focuses on the spiritual benefits of yoga for our mind as well. Wake up every morning to a revitalized mind/body with his program.

The workout posted above is Rodney Yee’s ALL DAY yoga. The price is unbeatable for the a.m., stress relief and p.m. programs. I highly recommend this video. I have used it before and LOVE it. 
Do any of you use yoga for stress relief or aches/pains? Let me know!

Makeup tips/tools

Okay, fine…I admit it…I wasn’t good at makeup at all until college years when I saw how my roommates did their makeup. Before that, I never knew about the different brushes and I didn’t even know what bronzer was LOL

But…now that I am happily informed, I can not only turn my sleepy face into a fresh, vibrant face in the morning in under ten minutes…I can also give you some of the best tips to make your makeup routine quick, easy and FUN 

1) Keep makeup organized. 

(Credit to:

I have my makeup organized in two baskets: one for eyes, one for face and I put my brushes in a ceramic toothbrush holder. The picture above used magnets!  How cool is that!

2) Know your skin tone

I am an olive colored skin tone. Knowing your skin tone aids in choosing the right color pallet for your face, coloring your hair & dressing yourself in the most complimentary colors also.

3) Use the right tools

 (I suggest this brush set for only $12!)

  • Foundation brush- Used for applying and blending cream foundation, it is designed to achieve a flawless finish. Although wedge sponges are more commonly used, the advantage of this brush is that it doesn’t absorb the product, and so wastes less. The flat and long bristles which narrow at the tip are tightly packed to avoid apparent brush strokes.
  • Concealer brush- This brush effectively helps cover any blemishes on the skin such as spots, pigmentation or broken capillaries which are not covered with foundation alone. It is a soft, flat brush with a wide base and pointed tip.
  • Powder brush- This round, fluffy brush is typically full of soft bristles and may be used for applying loose powder over the foundation and concealer, or bronzer. Available in a variety of sizes, the powder brush helps even out face make-up and ensures even distribution of a product, for an even further polished look.
  • Fan powder brush- Also used for loose powder, the fan creates a soft effect with a fine layer of dusting on the skin. This brush can help remove excess powder on the face, especially the light specks of excess eye shadow under the eyes after application.
  • Blusher brush- Another full, fluffy brush, the blusher brush is rounded at the end in order to allow the application of blusher to specific areas on the cheeks, making it easier to outline them. The brush is swept across the cheekbones and continues to be drawn into the hairline.
  • Face contour brush- This brush is specifically targeted for highlighting the best angles of your face. Slanted and rounded in shape, it is ideal for shading with bronzer or illuminating powder as well as blending, creating a truly sculpted and dramatic finish.
  • Eye shadow brush- These also come in various sizes, but are typically large and flat and full of soft bristles for smooth application without scratching the eyelid. The same brush may also be used to highlight the brow bone. The angle eye shadow brush has bristles clipped at an angle and is perfect for shading the crease of the eye, as well as lines along the lashes. With good blending, the eyes appear deep and more dramatic. For excellent blending, the blending eye shadow brush may be used to eliminate the visibly evident ‘start and finish’ of a new colour. By tracing the brush back and fort over eyeliner, a blur effect is created, helping achieve a soft or smoky-eye effect.
  • Flat eyeliner brush- This kind of brush is very thin and made of fine hairs ending in a tip, helping to ensure that you draw a clear line along the shape of the eye. The point may also be used to gently dot in liquid or gel eyeliner along the lashes, making the eyes appear more subtle.
  • Smudger brush- This kind of brush is commonly found at one end of pencil eyeliner. Made of foam, it is used to soften a harsh line and achieve the smoky look. Larger brushes of this kind may also be used to apply eye shadow.
  • Lip brush- Fine, soft and tapered at the end, the lip brush is sculpted to allow for a flawless line. The bristles are short and firm so that application is controlled. It is also useful for blending different lipstick colours and lip gloss.
(Explanations for brushes credited to:
Once you know how to organize your makeup, know your skin tone and what all those brushes are for…you can achieve a variety of looks!! Here are a few of my favorites:

Miranda Kerr, Supermodel and Supermom

I admire this Aussie model very much. She is exceedingly beautiful with classy style and I loveee how she dresses her little son, Flynn.

So, this evening’s post is dedicated to her:

Her staple items are: hats, blazers, skinny jeans, heels/boots, cat eye sunglasses & those red lips! Love her style!

My musical world…

I love fall. Fall always brings new things in my life & THIS fall I am especially ready to kick off a small tour with Guero Loco and Ocho in the Midwest. 

Events Date/Times are still TBA but in the works! News soon!!

I can’t reveal my set list BUT I will say:

I’m bringing back my original Spanglish cumbias,

a brand new, original pop/r&b track,

I have a hook/chorus part on some of Guero Loco’s dubstep/rock songs and

I will throw in some crowd pleasing covers also ^_^

Juan, my husband is joining the tour as DJQuik to spin out some of his own mixes and hype up the crowd for us too. Juan is also my current manager.

Ocho will take the stage with Guero Loco and I on his electric guitar - He gets everyone going with his solos without even being done so I know the four of us are going to be on fire with these fall shows.

Tiffany is the featured promotional model/dancer for the show. She will be the main lady to hit up for pictures and promo material. We are super excited to welcome her on this journey.

My favorite trend of 2012, hi-low skirt

I own two of these gorgeous, feminine skirts. I will post pictures of mine later in this entry, but first I want to share LOTS of ways to pull off this beautiful trend.

love how she mixed the black top, brown belt and white skirt - simple, easy and still beautiful. Looks like she’s on the go, so sweats and flip flops aren’t the only thing to throw on when traveling! (Notice the leather jacket she’s carrying ;) )

I like the contrast of this edgier look with the leather jacket and the soft, flowy skirt. Too bad it’s WAY too hot here to wear leather jackets right now…

This is one of the best ways I’ve seen this skirt…love her heels and the gorgeous floral blouse. This is perfect for a night out.

She went for more than one trend here, blending the floral corset top with the hi-low skirt and the ankle booties. I like it…

This girl also went for multiple trends here with the sleeveless button down, hi-low skirt and the amish looking hat lol (I’m not a fan, but she pulls it off).

I wish she would’ve put a white top on instead of the black…or maybe peach color? but I am in love with her mermaid-esque hi-low skirt.

This look could easily be pulled off in the Fall. I adore the lacy top with the patterned hi-low skirt and the thigh high socks.

Dress the hi-low trend down with Chuck Taylors and a denim jacket. Nice.

Sweet, country chic hi-low look.

This is probably my favorite!! So gorgeous and classy. I love red/black combo and the black ribbon around the waist.

How patriotic! Love this ‘Merica look ^_^

This is another fave! Love the tribal corset cropped top, her bangles, heels - love it all…very concert/festival appropriate

Simple, easy and chic.

Edgier look again with the military boots and leather jacket.

Sexy…just freaking sexy lol. Love it.

Another mermaid inspired look? Or goddess? Either way, it’s stunning!

And now for my 2 skirts-

^ This one is my “work” look for today. We have a laid back dress code so this may not work for everyone but a cropped blazer would make it professional.

^ this was my neon/animal print for a night out with my babe!

I may add that both of my hi-low skirts were super comfy and under $20!

Hope you all like the hi-low trend as much as me and got some ideas 

Until next timeeee, xo

July 28th, 2012 ~ a day to remember, to cherish

Miss Lindsey driving me to the venue. She told me it was an honor to drive me and to pucker up my luscious lips! haha LOVE HER <3

Ashley (maid of honor), myself and Tiffany (bridesmaid), sweet and beautiful ladies!

My little sister Jillian, 15 years, Me, and Chelsea, 18 years. Precious hermanas!

L-R (Back row) Chelsea, Sierra, Lindsey, Ashley, Tiffany & Jillian - I have to have the best looking bridal party ever!!!

Front Kayelin, Yazmyn - flower girlies

Dad and I beginning “the walk” I was SO nervous!

Me and babe’s first kiss and husband and wife! I love how he grabbed my neck, awwwww

First dance with my handsome husband! Our song was “Bruno Mars: Talking to the Moon”. 

Father/Daughter dance “Tim McGraw: My Little Girl” Dad made cry. He told me I was the best daughter he could’ve ever asked for among many other beautiful things! 

Me and my pretty cousin Sierra. My plate of food is on the left: cheese empanadas, rice, chicken tamale, green sauce and sweet tea.

MORE TO COME!!! To be continued…. ^_^

Music to relax your aching mind.

how do you guys like my beachy/summer hair? ^_^ sorry for the makeupless face but I was bored and just decided to do my hair&#8230;lol

how do you guys like my beachy/summer hair? ^_^ sorry for the makeupless face but I was bored and just decided to do my hair…lol